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Tan Aesthetics Starter Kit


This is our business in a box, everything you need to get started kit! Purchase this kit and after using your first bottle of spray you will be halfway to your ROI! These margins and business plan are the perfect opportunities for any studio owner to get started! We stand by you the whole way, offering training along the way to make sure you are building your techniques and business for success.

This starter set will include:

  • 32 oz Solution Bottle
  • Tan Aesthetics Evolution TNT Sprayer
  • Training Guide
  • One on One Training via FaceTime*

*Training is completed via FaceTime in two training sessions approximately one hour each. The first is welcome, you being shown the Tan Aesthetics techniques and a way of opening up lines of communication for questions and resources. The second session is you showing a spray tan to receive your certification and any follow up that is needed!

100% Organic – safe for all skin

COMMERCIAL – 25 tans/day

RESIDENTIAL – Perfect for home!

32 oz Bottle Solution


Product Details

Our 100% organic tanning formula delivers a superb streak-free natural sunless tan every time! Fantastic reviews both online and in the press. 100% of review center reviewers recommended this product! Kinder to sensitive skin, no alcohol, perfume or parabens. Lasts longer and fades evenly.

Tan Aesthetics Sprayer


Product Details

Tan Aesthetics Evolution TNT Base with four TNT Sprayers, Complete System

  • 110V-A plug, (230V-C plug – by request, very limited stock)
  • 20-25 applications a day, 5-6 days a week


  • If you’re looking for a Professional Spray Tanning System, look no further.
  • The  Tan Aesthetics Evolution TNT is designed for one purpose, providing an absolute perfect full body Spray Tan every time, in under 3 minutes, using the least amount of product. (normally 2oz or less)
  • Simple operation, easy to maintain, and beginner friendly, allowing mastery in only a few practice sessions.
  • A great Professional Package for the busy technician, in a lightweight mobile design

The Turbine (Motor) Powerhouse

The Tan Aesthetics Evolution TNT is the perfect unit for the mobile tech or salon that demands performance and unsurpassed dependability. The Evolution TNT base features a powerful 570 watts 2 Stage Turbine motor, paired with our TNT Series Spray Gun Package. The Tan Aesthetics Evolution also features a variable speed control that allows you to dial in the exact air flow you need to apply any tanning solution flawlessly.

Set at its lowest setting the unit will spray 99% of all tanning solutions with flawless precision while running quieter and cooler than any other unit on the market in its class! The unit comes preset for optimum air flow!

  • Temperature: This motor runs cooler than any other turbine motor we have ever tested in its class.
  • Volume Level: At its low setting this unit runs at approximately  53 DB (similar in level to an upright indoor refrigerator), and approximately 62 DB at High (Restaurant noise level).
  • Filtration: One important element of a turbine system, is the filter. This helps prevent solution and debris from entering the motor compartment through the air intake. The Tan Aesthetics reusable filter is located conveniently, for easy visual checking and user removal and cleaning. It’s easy to get to, and clean. And we include a second spare replacement filter with your order.

Tan Aesthetics Sprayer


Product Details

Tan Aesthetics Evolution Residential Twist & Tan

  • Designed for home/mobile use – 10 uses a day or 60 uses a week
  • 300 Watt Single Stage Turbine Motor
  • 1 TNT Spraygun with detachable head for high speed blowdry

Spray Tan Machine is the perfect unit for home use as well as the budget conscious mobile tech or salon start up. Rated for light salon or mobile use (10 uses a day or 60 uses a week)

Tan Aesthetics Residential Tanning System features 300-wattul 300 watt Turbine and the Spray Gun features a German engineered spray nozzle that is designed to provide maximum atomization with the least amount of over spray possible. German engineering at its best!

TNT Features & Specifications

  • CE, EU, ECAL Certifications
  • Powerful 300 watts single stage turbine 47cfm air flow,
  • 11.5ft/3.5m Hosespraymate apare parts
  • 1 x SprayMate TNT Spray Gun with one 6.75 oz/200ml Cup (no lid)
  • On Board Spray Gun Storage
  • Spare Spray Gun Cup Gasket and Pickup Tube
  • Spare Spray Gun Nozzle Gasket
  • Spare Turbine Filter
  • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • 1 year motor warranty
  • Weights 2kg / 5 lbs
  • Rated for light salon or residential use (10 uses a day or 60 uses a week)



Tanning Equipment & Solutions

A comprehensive skin treatment and sunless tanner in one, Tan Aesthetics is scientifically proven to hold amazing skin renewal and hydrating properties for a more youthful, healthier looking skin.